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Our training courses are a fantastic way
to teach your dog the life skills they need to succeed. All our classes are designed
to help your dog learn quickly so that they become a confident, valued member
of your family.


We teach you and your dog using the
most up-to-date reward based teaching methods, so your dog will enjoy learning and you can communicate with each
other effectively.


Most of our courses are six weeks long, with an hour every week and homework to practice at home. We use clicker training in most of our courses but this is optional.​


In our 121 sessions you and your dog have our undivided attention.


We will tailor your session to make sure that you both have the tools to help you understand and communicate with each other better, so you can both enjoy the life you want to lead, together.


121's are useful for lots of people (and dogs), especially those that find it difficult to concentrate in the exciting environment of a class situation, or those that are very nervous around other dogs and we can cover a multitude of topics like pulling
on the lead, recall, jumping up and general obedience. ​


We love workshops! They are a great wayto try out new things in a safe environment,
to look at problems intensively so you can practice in your own time, without the commitment of weekly classes.


We only take between 4-8 dogs on each workshop (depending on what we are teaching), so you can be sure of our full attention and each workshop lasts between 2-4 hours.​


If you can't find what you need, please drop us a message

Thank you for submitting the form. We will be in touch within 48 hrs.

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