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We offer 3 levels of classes across various bases in Sussex. Each lesson uses reward based training methods to ensure canine and human learn in a happy and safe environment.


Welcome to Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans. We are a training and behaviour company with venues across Sussex and we are here to help you and your dogs build strong and successful relationships so you can always feel confident and competent when you are out together.

We are a close knit team of trainers and behaviourist that previously worked together at another training centre, we worked so well together that we decided to form Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans. 

We offer group classes, behaviour consultations, 121 training (tailored to your needs) and fun workshops for every age group right from when you first pick up your puppy through to adulthood. Did you know the old saying 'You can’t teach an old dog new tricks' is complete rubbish! We run all sorts of fun courses to keep your dog’s brain stimulated and it is really never too late to learn. We have venues, trainers and behaviourists across Brighton, Hove, Crawley and Worthing and our qualified team can also come to your home or join you on a walk.

Everyone in our team is qualified and we are competent in several different specialisms and accreditations (you can see more at Meet our Team). We use the latest up-to-date, scientific and fun approaches to provide you and your dog the best experience of training and behaviour. Lastly, we only use reward based methods where we reinforce your dog’s good behavior and choices because this has been shown to help develop happy and confident dogs.

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Everyone in our team is qualified and we are competent in several different specialisms and accreditations.

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Debbie Peters


Massage therapist


Claire Arendt

"We are so grateful for Hannah’s fabulous help. We really felt that she listened carefully to our concerns and worries and addressed them with practical ideas and solutions as well as writing up a very comprehensive report to help us both now and in the future. She was entirely non-judgemental and we really felt there were no stupid questions!

She was very patient in waiting to provide the follow-up session after Albie had to have an operation, and had to spend several months resting. There are still things we need to watch for with Albie, and he can still be nervous and reactive at times, but thanks to Hannah we feel that we understand his needs better and can act accordingly to support him to build confidence.

I just wanted to send a massive thank you, as I genuinely feel that this service has been fantastic. Hannah is a real asset, and I would recommend her to anyone with a nervous dog.”

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