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Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are different from training courses in that training is about teaching a dog a new skill (like lead walking or recall), whereas behaviour consultations help to reduce or eliminate problematic behaviour (like fear/anxiety, separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, reactivity, handling problems and more). If you are struggling with problematic behaviour(s), please click here and our qualified Behaviourist will get in touch.

Common problematic behaviours:

  • ​Fear of people or dogs.

  • Reactivity or aggression towards people or dogs on walks.

  • Reactivity towards people visiting the home.

  • Resource guarding behaviour.

  • Separation anxiety.

  • Handling problems.

  • Prey drive.

  • Dog-dog or dog-cat relationship problems in the home.

  • Adult toilet training.

  • Aggression.

  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours.

How behaviour consultations work

Behaviour consultations vary from person to person and dog to dog, depending on the
behaviour you are looking to change. We often start with a call or email conversation to discuss your dog and the problems you are experiencing before meeting you and your dog for a consultation. We will give you a behaviour modification plan after your consultation for you to use as a reference guide going onwards. Most behaviour packages will require follow-up consultations to monitor and further your dog’s progress.

Our process:

1. Initial conversation/book appointment.
2. Fill out history form.
3. Ask your veterinary practice for veterinary referral and medical history.
4. Initial behaviour consultation (at your home or on Zoom).
5. Behaviour modification plan by email.
6. Phone/email support between sessions.
7. Follow-up practical sessions if required (hourly).

Price list

Veterinary referral

If you would like to refer a client to our Behaviourist, Hannah Walker please complete the attached Veterinary Referral Form and email to with full clinical
history and contact details for the client.

Veterinary Referral Form - PDF version.
Veterinary Referral Form - Word version.

Information for vets

In accordance with good practice, and due to the influence of medical conditions on problematic behaviours in dogs, our Behaviourist Hannah requests referral from a client’s registered Veterinarian before commencing behaviour consultations. Veterinary referral allows Hannah to ensure the dog has recently been seen by a veterinarian, and to view any relevant medical history prior to an initial consultation.
Following referral, Hannah will provide an initial behavioural report, including requests to the veterinary team if required, and follow-up reports when appropriate.


Hannah has a Master’s degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour, a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Professional Diploma

(Level 5) in Canine Behaviour.
She has been awarded Pre-Certification with CCAB (Certificated Clinical Animal
Behaviourists), is a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer and a Fear Free Certified Professional.


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