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Hannah Walker

Behaviourist and Trainer

Hannah has always had a keen interest in animals with a particular passion for dogs. She has experience volunteering and fostering for a local dog rescue and currently lives with two rescued street dogs and a tortoise.

Hannah has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour, a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Professional Diploma (Level 5) in Canine Behaviour. She is also a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer and a Fear Free Certified Professional and has written theses on the behavioural characteristics associated with repetitive object-chase play in dogs and on gender-specific fear in dogs. Hannah is continually expanding her experience and professional development through seminars, webinars and workshops by respected canine professionals.


Leigh Kenealy


Leigh has always loved dogs and became a trainer for Schooling 4 Dogs in early 2015. He has studied animal behaviour and training with some of the best, most respected trainers in the UK including; Sarah Fisher, Denise Nuttall, Kelly Taylor, Hannah Wright, Sian Ryan and Jo Rosie Haffenden. He has an Accredited Dog Training & Behaviour OCN Level 3 Qualification in Understanding & Working with Canine Behaviour and is a Fully qualified member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Leigh has a real passion for canine athletics and competes in events all across Europe, holding records in weight-pull with his Patterdale Maggie and two Staffies Zoe and Charlie.

Leigh teaches our Crawley, Brighton and Hove classes and is also available for 121 training sessions in these areas.


Sandy Staub


Sandy grew up in Switzerland and learned to work with dogs and horses from an early age. She has been working and competing with horses for over 30 years and is skilled in Natural Horsemanship. 

In 2013, Sandy decided she wanted to use the natural and positive way of working with horses, with dogs so she became a dog walker and studied Canine Behaviour at Plumpton College. Sandy assisted Debbie and Leigh for 1 year before becoming a permanent member of the team in May 2016. Sandy is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. She gained the OCN Level 3 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’ accreditation and holds a certificate in canine first aid. In the summer of 2019, Sandy has gained her Instructor certification in Hoopers and to top it up, has welcomed her rescue puppy Marvin. 


Sandy is keen to continue her studies and attends regular workshops and seminars with some of the most respected Trainers/Behaviorists suchlike Professor Clive DL Wynne and Craig Ogilvie. 


Sandy teaches our Eastbourne and Worthing classes and offers 121 training sessions in both areas.


Annika Bond

Veterinary Physiotherapist & Trainer

Annika is a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist with a Master of Science degree in Biomechanics, she is also an accredited member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and has a diploma in Dog Training and Behaviour. 

Many of our clients benefit from physiotherapy due to pain and/or anxiety issues causing behavioural problems, Annika sees these clients at her clinic and works closely with other members of our training and behaviour team to ensure we have the most effective treatment and training plan in place.

Annika spends her free time at the stables with her two horses and her black Labrador.

LUCY BIO_edited.png

Lucy d'Auvergne

Behaviourist (MSc with Distinction Clinical Animal Behaviourist)

Lucy comes from a background in wildlife filmmaking and conservation and has studied animal behaviour for over 25 years, both academically (MSc, PhD) and in the field. She is a qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (MSc with Distinction, Newcastle University) specialising in dogs, and was awarded a Distinction for her research investigating the effects of nose-work (sniffing) on stress in pet dogs – the first study to focus specifically on this topic. Through her research she had developed a particular passion for using nose-work related activities to overcome behavioural issues and build confidence in dogs of all ages. She also has extensive experience working with rescue dogs and shares her life with four ‘complicated’ rescue Border collies who she has partnered in agility, scent-work, obedience and sheep-herding. She is committed to Continuing Professional Development and has attended workshops and courses with some of the best modern dog trainers and behaviourists in the world.    

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