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For dogs from 5 months old

You can still come along if you haven’t been to Primary School but we may ask you to have a 30 min 121 session first to make sure you are both ready for the class.


Our Middle School will help you train your dog to control their impulses, build tolerance to exciting things, as well as teaching them basic manners around new people, places and other dogs to help your 'teenage' dog calm down! Physical exhaustion isn't the same as a chilled out dog and this 6 week course teaches owners how to achieve calmness through training and lifestyle. We also offer a 2 hour recall workshop at discounted rate for people attending this course.


We use a clicker to train this course but this is optional if you would rather not use one.

To book onto one of our Middle School Courses click the button below.

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Locations and term times

WORTHING - Goring United Reform Church
HOVE - All Saints Church

Thursday 20th July - IN PERSON

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