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In our 121 sessions you and your dog have our undivided attention. We will tailor your session to make sure that you both have the tools to help you understand and communicate with each other better, so you can both enjoy the life you want to lead together. 121's are useful for lots of people (and dogs), especially those that find it difficult to concentrate in the exciting environment of a class situation, or those that are very nervous around other dogs.


We can cover a multitude of topics like pulling on the lead, recall, jumping up and general obedience. It might be that you need him to learn to settle when the kids are playing with friends and toys; or it may be that she needs to nail the loose lead walking so that you can walk her to work with you each day. Often doggy caregivers would like their dog to be able to settle in busy places like cafes or just need a bit more guidance on a particular training area like staying calm around grooming equipment or coming back from playing with other dogs in the park. 

After each session we will give you an action plan, with notes to help you continue the training. We offer 121's as a one off or you can buy 4 sessions at a discount.

For behaviour issues like separation anxiety, fear, reactivity and aggression, see our section on behaviour.

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